Mixed media painting on stretched canvas.

Ready to hang, lovingly wrapped and delivered.

Image: 100 x 50 x 4.5 cm       



“And Here We Are”

You look in your diary and sigh – it all feels so busy.

You realise that this morning you agreed to go for a walk with your bestie. Right you think I can postpone that and fit in 3 or 4 chores that must be done!

You hesitate as that small voice within says the walk and friendship are more important than chores.

A few hours later after walkin g up a steep hill you pause to breathe.

Your friend, quietly says, “And here we are!”

You look up and see the stunning view ahead of you. Smiling, you remember how good it is to be in nature, with your friend and making time for you…..

Where in your special home will you hang this painting so it reminds you to treasure the important aspects of life.

And Here We Are