This mixed media painting is available to purchase without mount or frame

Image: 27 x 35 cm



“Are You Ready?”

From early childhood we are taught to be ready.

We are taught the importance of concentrating. Our teachers and parents tell us not to waste time, not to day dream.

Children as young as 5 are taught (in the UK) how to tell the time and the importance of not being late.

We are socialised to value education, to work hard, to get a good degree and a well-paid job.

Do we ever stop and ask why?

Why do we pressurise ourselves?

Is it not okay simply to be? To enjoy the now. To gaze out of the window and yes to day dream!

This multi-layered mixed media painting is best enjoyed when simply gazed at.

Allow your eyes to travel around it. To rest and move on. To look beyond the colours, lines and marks. Not to be ready but just to be.

In which room can you imagine yourself gazing at this painting and enjoying the magic of being?

Are You Ready?

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