mixed media painting on stretched canvas

ready to hang, lovingly wrapped

80 x 80cm






“Autumn Harmony”

Driving in my car recently, I noticed a large Horse Chestnut Tree’s leaves were starting to change from green to orange, gold.

I felt a little surprised – my inner voice was saying it is only mid-August!

However, the mornings feel cooler and the evenings are turning darker earlier.

Mother Nature’s energy is reminding all that it is becoming time for a seasonal shift.

I wonder if we are feeling ready for change. Amidst worldwide news of unrest both natural and man-made and an ongoing pandemic I feel it is vital we ground ourselves in the love of family and friends, in routine and in the knowledge that as the tree leaves change colour there is pattern in the natural world that can bring comfort & curiosity.


This painting represents the seasonal change from summer to autumn. Where in your loving home will it bring peace and strength amidst a world of uncertainty?


Autumn Harmony