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Medium: mixed media

Support: Birchwood box frame

Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 5cm



“Dream Followers”

You are enjoying the fresh air and friendship.

There is time for this walk and you are loving it.

But you can’t quieten your mind – that question keeps bubbling to the surface…

You accept now is the time to talk, to share your dream with your bestie.

They hug you, squeal and tell you: YES, YES, YES – You go for it!!!

You know this is your time – you must ‘sieze the day’ and all else will fall in place.

The pathway ahead is clear, take one step at a time. As the seasonal change is evident around you, the voice within you urges you to make the changes you dream of.

You trust your inner voice, Source within you and know the universe will provide.





Dream Followers

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