This mixed media painting is in a cream mount and dark frame

Image: 28 x 38 cm;  Frame: 43 x 53 cm



“Golden Glow”

It is Saturday morning. You feel warm and cocooned in the duvet.

You can surprisingly smell coffee so you go downstairs and realise how hungry you are.

Jo is stood at the stove. “Scrambled eggs?”

What an amazing start to the weekend, an unexpected visit and as you open the curtains you see the sky is blue and the sunshine makes you squint.

“Let’s take the dogs for a long ramble,” you suggest.

Before you know it, with your stomach full and hands warm in your pocket this fabulous group of three are crunching leaves under foot.

You feel happy and relaxed. A beam of sunlight turns the tree trunks to gold.

But this moment – right here – right now is more precious than gold could ever be!

This painting is about life, love, the unexpected beauty of a woodland ramble. Where will you hang it in your cosy home?

Golden Glow

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