This mixed media painting is in a cream mount and dark frame

Image: 28 x 38 cm;  Frame: 43 x 53 cm



“Loving Life”

It has been a really tough few day.

You feel niggly and unsettled.

Your family and friends are irritating you and you recognise you need a change of scenery.

Out you go but where are you heading – you are not sure and drive aimlessly out of the town.

The sun is low in the sky making the woodland colours shine with a beautiful intensity.

You park in a layby and climb over the stile.

You march through the woods and slowly relax. You have time and peace to take stock. You remember your best friend’s words – life and love don’t come with an instruction manual.

The beauty of your surroundings help you put things in perspective.

You send the text – ‘it is curry tonight’. The peace offering is well received.

Loving life is hard but so worth it.

Loving Life

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