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Mixed media painting on stretched canvas

Ready to hang, lovingly wrapped.

Image: 100 x 50 cm       


“Pink Lemonade”

A picnic, you simply love a picnic.

It does not need to be a grand affair – a cheese and pickle sandwich and some grapes and a cookie.

It is not about the food it is about the location, the company, the love and laughter.

You lie back on the old travel rug and gaze into the trees. The breeze has a salty tang to it – the ocean is so close by.

You feel your eyelids closing – you think happily of pink lemonade, candy floss and sweet butter icing – pretty in pink your dear Ma used to say.

Safe, warm and content – a beautiful few hours and they are all yours.

The invitation is to wander, explore or doze & dream – and to decide in which of your rooms you want this gentle painting to add warmth and joy.

Pink Lemonade

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