Watercolour Painting on stretched canvas.

Ready to hang & lovingly wrapped.


Image size: 30cm x 30cm





"What Do You See?"

Recently I got to spend a few days in the New Forest, Hampshire.

I will confess to you that I did manage to have an afternoon siesta curled up on a blanket with my head on a cushion.

It was outside and surrounded by trees!

The sun shone down on me and it was so peaceful. I felt very safe and joyful.

What I found was amazing and awesome and absolutely incredible was just lying there and listening to the sound of the breeze and the wind in the trees.

As I lay there I could feel the wind becoming stronger, I could hear the leaves making more noise dancing together and it was like beautiful music and I dozed off to this wonderful sound.

This experience was the inspiration for this painting. I believe you resonate with this and know exactly where in your home this painting will give you hours of joy.

What Do You See?