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Using exciting colour combinations Marion creates paintings full of life and joy.

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The art I create, as a contemporary artist, celebrates and explores the complex beauty of our world. 

Colour plays a vital role in

my work and the richness of depth is achieved through using a variety of textures and mark making.


I thought I’d tell you a little about my recent and brand new series of paintings. (Found in Gallery - Abstract)

 I'm thrilled with them as they have allowed me to explore my year's theme of FREEDOM - but a freedom that is grounded and real. I'm not a youngster and although I believe all of life is a fabulous adventure and a journey to celebrate I do not want freedom that is ungrounded or flippant or unreal. I once explained that I want my life to be lovely whilst still touching the sides. The sides to me are the grit and grime, the struggles and tears - the stuff that makes life real and challenging and that brings balance to the sunshine, laughter and joy of each day.


Many of these new paintings include curves and swirls - this happened organically - it felt right and expresses my experience of being free and somewhat crazy whilst still being held and supported by those who I love and those who love me.


( I wish to name and tribute this collection to my fabulous hubby Mike and two awesome daughters Naomi and Hannah - these paintings are about us XXX)


So... these new paintings are full of freedom; full of colour; full of energy and life --as colours and lines merge together greater depth is seen and celebrated.



In owning an original by Marion Deacon you will be allowing this beautiful energy into your amazing home and you will be able to connect with it daily.

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