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Artist UK

Helping spiritual nature lovers align with joy and magic through divine, mystical tree paintings.

Senses Alive.jpg
Across The Valley.jpg

The art I create, as a contemporary landscape artist, celebrates and explores the simple beauty of our natural world. A tree is so much more than a tree. It is a powerful and mystical life force that communicates with us if we are ready to listen. My paintings celebrate trees in all their magical magnificent-ness.

Colour plays a vital role in

my work and the richness of depth is achieved through using a multi layered, mixed media approach. Often 10+ layers are applied before a piece is completed.

I use a process where the painting is turned upside down and the force of gravity allows the paint and ink to flow and seep across the surface. Few artists have incorporated this technique so successfully meaning my paintings have a unique quality.


Collectors resonate with these passionate, joy-filled paintings and state ‘it is obviously work by Marion as it celebrates life, love and adventure’.


 I am a sincere, heart-led artist whose passion for life, family and adventure shines out of every painting.


In owning an original by Marion Deacon you will be allowing this beautiful energy into your amazing home and you will be able to connect with it daily.

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