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Are you a passionate entrepreneur looking for balance in your life? 

Do you wish to explore and delight in the natural world?

Would you like your safe haven to reflect your adventurous spirit?

You feel fulfilled and happy and you want to surround yourself with beauty and colour that enables your soul to soar.  You want art that is vibrant; that celebrates the natural world and overflows with the love that has gone into its creation.

Hi!  I am Marion Deacon and I create striking, abstract paintings that explore the beauty of our landscapes.  My vibrant, colourful pieces express love and happiness, reflecting your core values.  You are not inspired by mass-produced prints; you want exciting original artwork as you as are exciting and original.

My latest collection of paintings ‘Layers of Love’ explore the subject of trees.  Each original painting incorporates my quirky and uniquely honed style of painting trees – upside down!!!  The multi-layered, mixed media abstract style engages your soul, heart and mind.

These are all original paintings.  No prints will be made; they are one of a kind, just like you!

Enjoy browsing and I am sure you are about to be thrilled and to fall in love. 

Collectors have said:

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