This mixed media painting is completed in a 5 cm wide, white mount

Image: 29 x 25 cm;  Overall size: 39 x 35 cm



“Layer Upon Layer”

Hey guys – what do you remember of the Autumn?

Last year the Autumn colours appeared more vivid and more stunning than usual or have we learnt to be more aware of the simple beauty around us?

My aim was to capture this ever-changing landscape both in the natural world but also in our lives during 2020.

Some things are certain – the leaves will change colour and fall to the ground. The weather will alter and grow colder.

This certainty is comforting to us.

Layers of paint, layers of marks, layers of trees capture the woodland scene moving from autumn to the depths of winter.

This mixed media painting reminds us that change is inevitable, beautiful and re-assuring.

Layer Upon Layer

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