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One step at a time... Approaching 2023

Hey there!

So, how are you doing? I wonder how 2022 has been for you?

In all honesty I think many of us have found it to be a challenging and confronting year. There have been real good times and lots to celebrate but also some super rubbish stuff.

I adore being an artist but like so many I have wavered, doubted and lost my way somewhat. But my creative spirit is strong so I keep going one step at a time!

I'm sharing this with you as I'm an honest kind of gal and.... want to encourage you to keep going!!

Yes, it nearly is 2023 and how do we, how do I keep going? My answer is to find the constants. This photo is taken in Bushey Park. It is a great area with trees (yes of course), cafes (- dont mind if I do); deer (ahhhh); fresh air (and breathe) and always a simple new delight. I remember in Lockdown cycling there on chilly Saturdays and just sitting looking at the lake - almost pretending it was the seaside. I've hugged the trees on numerous occassions. Laughed and loved with family and friends. It is there and always ready to receive me whatever else life throws at me.

If you do not have a favourite park or garden I encourage you to find one. Make friends with it and let it be your constant refuge. Let it hug you.

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1 Comment

Oct 09, 2023

hi miss deacon its me nihal from the school you worked at since my teacher was unwell so now

I'm now in year 6 and i didn't realise your famous so yeah everyone is fine and i hope your doing well to.

from: nihal😃

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