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Perfect Landscape Paintings for You

My Five Top Tips for BUYING ART You Love

1. Love it or leave it!!!

When you buy art you must totally love it. In a nutshell if you don't love it leave it! Buying original artwork is exciting but also daunting. You are going to invest money in it and you don't want to get it wrong. You don't want your original artwork to become like wallpaper something that just fades into the background; that you walk past without really noticing it. On many occasions I've observed buyers return back to a painting two, three and even four times. Each time stopping and looking. They're pulled back to the piece of art. They can't forget about it. They can't walk away from it permanently. That is the time to act. You know to buy it because you love it.

2. Buy from the artist.

If you connect online with an artist you get to know them. You get to understand why they create their chosen art form. How they create in the way that they do. How their emotion and energy goes into their creations. And you resonate with this. It helps explain why you love their work. You have things in common; there’s a natural progression: you like the art, you like the artist. You have affinity with the artist, you love their work.

3. You’re original so buy original.

Owning a piece of original art means you really see the texture, the colour and the depth in the piece. Also there is the excitement of knowing another human being has lovingly created it; it's a connection; it's special and it's unique – just like you!

4. Size matters!!!

Yes I truly believe it does when buying art. Go big. Go bold. You will never regret buying a big painting. It grabs your attention. It's a focal point for your room. It emits colour, energy and excitement. It gives you something to gaze on and to become lost in. And if you can't find a piece you truly love you could always commission the artist to create a piece for you. It will be completely original, completely you but do expect to pay a little bit more for this unique service.

5. Art does not have to match your decor.

You may love a painting so much that you just want it – but it does not match your décor! So what if it doesn't all match, you're not trying to create an Ikea or John Lewis showroom. You are creating a home and your artwork speaks of you, it’s personal, it's special and it's yours! Oh yeah!

So, you have so got this. You love my work so go to the Gallery pages now! You know what to do – so do it and have fun.

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